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Downloadable Tonecore DSP Effects Files


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I recently purchased the ToneCore DSP Developer kit and I'd like to locate demo code to try out on the pedal.

Short of taking the programming route, does anyone know of any code that I could upload to the pedal. I've already

uploaded the 2-band equalizer and it functions normally but now I have a desire to explore additional examples before

I take up the DSP programming aspect of the pedal.

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Here's the cld files I've been able to track down:



Ringmod Delay:




I haven't been able to get the Fuzz file to download. But maybe someone can contact the author. His page is all in French.

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If you want to work on a Mac, you have to setup a virtual machine with Windows XP 32-bits and then, download and install the tools from here

The tools come with an user's guide with the steps to download the code to the MCU and DSP. Try downloading the provided templates.

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Here is the object file of the tremolo effect I made.
You have to flash the MCU with this file, follow the instructions in the TCDDK User Guide to do this.

Because I've modified the MCU code, maybe you won't be able to download new DSP code by the "traditional way", so, if you want to try another code, you have to reflash de MCU with the default template.


The controls are:
Knob1: Depth          Knob2: Speed          Knob3: Symetry/Duty Cycle

Knob4: Not used     Knob5: Rhythm         Knob6: Not used


Switch1: Wave shape          Switch2: Not used


Tapping tempo will overwrite speed knob setting and viceversa.


The rhythm knob has six figures:

- Whole notes (full counter clockwise).

- Quarter notes.

- Dotted quarter notes.

- Eight notes.

- Triplet.

- Sixteenth notes (full clockwise).


The wave shapes are:

- Sine (left position).

- Linear (middle position).

- Square (Right position).


Tell me if you need some help.

Have fun with DSP! :)

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