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Hi all, was wondering where i can get a pot for the guitar volume knob on the AX2?


Recently bought a used ax2 with a floorboard for the low price of 100 dollars. Im pretty happy so far, but the guitar volume knob is broken clean off, so i need a new pot.


According to this thread the specs for the pots are 10K, linear, 25mm, D shaft pot.


A quick search on both ebay and mouser shows that there are pretty much none available that match the specs.


The line6 store also dont have any in stock right now.


Does anyone know where i can get a potentiometer to replace my old one with?



Also, does anyone know where i can get new pushbuttons for the floorboard? the "Channel A" and "Channel B" buttons work if i roll my finger on the switch just right. I did find a listing on ebay that seems to match fairly well, but if anyone knows the exact specs that would be fantastic.


Thanks. - Sondre/RageNorge

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Shoot an email to Line 6.


Those specs look like a Spider IIi or IV pot which if correct you might be able to get through:


But again check to make sure they are the same.


For the floorboard - IIRC the early ones use a regular pcb mounted footswitch like a stomp box might use. Open it up and you should be able to get the specs/part # off of it.


The early FBV Longboard had Alphas in it (dpdt - momentary? Its been a few years) and you should be able to get those through Mouser or the 'Bay. But again open it up and see. If it is like the longboard its an easy desolder/solder job.

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