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I absolutely LOVE the Helix.  I have one question with it though.  I am a worship leader and have really enjoyed the snapshots mainly to change my tempos for delays and what not.  I like to try and have all of my tempos preset so it's one less thing I have to worry about in the moment.  The thing I'm not fond of is that when I touch the tempo and then use knob 6 to set my tempo, that it takes so long to actually get programed in.  I don't have this quite as much anymore now that I'm using snapshots, but when I am initially setting it up it does take a while.  


Is there a way to have it so that when you turn that know that it will cycle through bpm in whole times and not by the tenth?  Is there a setting somewhere or can Line6 develop that option?  I don't know about other people, but I rarely play at a 96.3 bpm, so I would rarely dial in a tenth.  Having the option to would be nice, but not needed for my application.  Thanks!

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Might tapping in the time with the tap switch work out better?

That works most of the time for me, but there are some songs we do at church where I have to have the tempo dialed in exactly to get the right delay feedback timing ( for example: Jesus Culture, Never Gonna Stop Singing). Right now if I need a specific tempo, I create a preset that is set to that tempo. I generally play just one generic preset for everything, so I just make a copy of that preset with a different tempo, and I am good to go. 


I like the idea about the tenths, but maybe make it in divisions of 1/2 bpm, like scrolling through 100, 100.5, 101, etc...

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