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Most Economical POD support for JTV?


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What are the most economical POD units I should consider that will automatically sense what JTV model I am using and automatically apply the best sound enhancement effects, etc., for that model guitar?   I simply can't afford a Helix.   I am not even sure how many unit there are that can actually be set to sense a model change and react to it. 


Thanks, Scott

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You can pick 500's up very cheaply now. That will do what you need. If you intend to gig rather than use at home then I'd try and get a 500x as it has more robust buttons. It also has slightly more DSP than the 500 but then the Helix has a lot more than the 500x so really depends what you want to do with it...

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Thank you both for your responses.    I have been watching some 500X's on E-Bay.  


I am 77.  This is my first electric and first modeling guitar.  I have not played or performed for over five years but I am preparing to get back into it and I have spent more than I can afford on new equipment, including a JTV-59.  It sounds like a 500X is best for my budget -- maybe next month after the retirement check comes in.   :)   Thanks, Matt!    


Can I easily follow manual instructions to set the 500X to apply the automatically selected best effects for the models and a desired tuning on any selected model without making any changes to the models on the JTV itself?   I, of course, have no idea what effects or settings are best to reproduce the classic sounds on any of the models.  :(     That's why I hope the 500X will do it for me!


bjnette, I assume I go into the Workbench to configure specific models to always come up with custom tunings when I select them?    I guess I need to watch more of the videos.   This is critical for me because I am a singer first and it was the AT capabilities that led me to buy a modeling guitar.


I have a serious lack of basic JTV knowledge when it comes to changing models and tunings.  I have had to reflash twice already because I keep messing up the tunings.  I think I am getting into the Virtual Capo by mistake or something else.  I have become concerned that there may be something wrong with the guitar but it most likely is just my ignorance.


Sometimes I press a knob and get a blue light and sometimes I get a white light.  And sometimes no light at all.  I desperately need to learn the exact step by step procedure for turning on and selecting the models -- then the tunings -- then changing the models and/or the tunings -- then turning off the models and tunings without straying into the Virtual Capo or otherwise somehow messing up the tunings.    I can't begin performing again until I am really confident with making these changes.   If anyone has the time to lay the steps out for me or to point me to a detailed description of the process I would really appreciate it.


Again, thank you both for getting me started in the right direction!     Scott    :)

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What are the most economical POD units I should consider that will automatically sense what JTV model I am using and automatically apply the best sound enhancement effects, etc., for that model guitar?

The POD 500X is the way to go if you're on a budget, but there's nothing "automatic" about Variax integration. The POD can be set to trigger specific models and/or tunings on the Variax, but it will not choose specific amp models or FX for you...that's all up to you. There are numerous on-board factory presets on the POD, including some that are intended to be used with a Variax, but the presets themselves tend to be a bit lackluster, and whether or not you'll like what you hear is entirely dependent on your personal preferences, and what amp, monitors, or headphones you're listening through. Hardly anyone ends up using the factory patches unaltered...its basically unheard of. There's usually a bit of a learning curve when you get into the modeling world. Things are a lot different with this kind of gear.

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You will have fun I'm sure but it can be confusing to start with! It is much easier with a POD as you don't really have to worry about touching anything on the JTV except the volume!


You will need some basic computer knowledge to hook them together though and it's usually easiest to set patches up when connected together. I would council that's it's good to know how to change things 'on the POD' though as you do find you need to make changes when you are gigging!


The basics are to think of each patch as a 'file' and in that 'file' you hold all the info as to what amp & effects you want as well as what guitar, pickup & tuning you want. Selecting patch 'A' gives you the settings you put in that file etc. The slightly harder bit is to get those things sounding like you want!


Having a lot of experience can be a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you will know that selecting a Strat with a Fender Amp and a tube screamer will give you 'sound x'. The curse is that it may not sound 'the best sound' to your ears so experiment.


Post back with any questions. The people here are pretty friendly!

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As long as the 500/500x works with your Variax, it is the "most economical" unit - especially if you are looking on the used market. 


But, to answer the question -  

no, it is not easy to use or not user friendly. 

It is, however, easy to use once you understand how to use it. 



It is like walking. 

Today, we think it is quite easy (maybe at 77, you are starting to find it hard again). But when we first started walking, it was tough. 

The Pod is much like that. It is not something I suggest buying today and using on stage tonight. 

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Thanks Matt, Power User and Crusinon2 for your help.   I can see that even the 500X would probably be a bit beyond me -- at least while I am trying to learn the basics of using a modeling guitar for the first time.  I have to admit I am having a bit of trouble walking now too.   :)    But that is too long a story.


Your information makes me think I have enough on my plate for now just getting my material and voice back in shape, mastering a new sound module, and learning how to avoid sabotaging the JTV's tunings every time I use them.  :)  


So I going to put off learning the 500X for the immediate future.   But down the road I hope I will find the time to get one and begin learning by experimenting with it.


I really appreciate the input.  It has been very helpful and steered me in the right direction.   My thanks and best wishes to each of you!      Scott

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