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Mobile POD - How to import audio-files as jamtrack into music setlist on iOS?


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Hi. I am new to Mobile POD and only got real experiences from Apps like JamUp, ToneStack, AmpKit.


So far I use a App called iFile Organizer to play along over audio-tracks from my bandmates. iFile Organizer offers the ability to loop parts of a song and lets you decide the tempo up- and downwards.


As the Mobile POD App offers similar features I thought about using these when jamming, but there is a big disadvantage, which seems to be the "import possibilities".


Regardless to what other App I refer, all those others can be feed by using the "open in...", "Import to...", "send to..." feature of the cloud-services like iCloud, Drive and Dropbox where Mobile POD only seems to support the iTunes library as a source for imports into it's setlist.

But this library itself can only be feed by purchasing tracks or syncing the music in your iTunes-Desktop library.


Does anyone have a solution for this?

How do you import playalong tracks into a music-setlist of Mobile POD?

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Cloud-handling of patch-backups is a pain in the @ss.


Every time you import a backup, to keep your devices up to date (tone-wise), the backup creates duplicates of the tones you like to update with the tweaked ones.


This wouldn't be o problem if the date of the last editing would be displayed in the patch list.

So the only proper way to import tweaked patches from fe iPad to iPhone is to know exactly which patches you are importing so you can delete the old ones before you import the tweaks.

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