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Amp Model close to Carvin Legacy I clean channnel


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Just looking to see if anyone attempted to set something up close to this. I used the Uber and found something that sound pretty close for the dirty channel, at least something I like. I need to setup a clean channel for it/ Maybe the Bassman model to start with? Just looking for thought if anyone attempted something like it before on what they found to get started.

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The tube warmth whilst clean sound is one of the harder ones from the HD series to get but you can 

get close especially if you are loading pedals FX in front. 


I like tweaking the Variax head upping the res and thump and some cut, then cutting the decay exaggerates the warmth which needs some bass roll off. 


Divided/13 can also be worked, so too the Purge model with the lowered gain;

The Sol 100 Clean is another to try and the crunch can be cleaner with the gain down.


With any of the amps lots of tonal warmth options are there with the mic and cab selection first.

Let us know what you settle with

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