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UX1 Stereo output- using an auxiliary cable and keep stereo sound?

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Hey everyone,


Firstly, thanks for spending some of your time to give me a bit of help.


I've recently moved country, and a friend gave me some speakers as a house warming gift. Problem is, they only have a single auxiliary input, and my UX1 has stereo outputs (quarter inch).


WIth my previous speakers back in the U.K., it was simple. I had a cable which connected from the stereo 1/4 inch outputs, to stereo RCA, which I just plugged into the speaker set directly. No problems - stereo to stereo.


Now I have bought an adapter to mix the stereo 1/4 inch down into a single auxiliary cable. The problem is, I think I am missing audio this way. Namely, when I test the configuration in windows sound (i.e. playback devices > line 6 UX1) and click to test the speakers, it plays the test sound for the left speaker, but not for the right speaker.


However, if I take my aux cable, plug it directly into my computers port, and test, it will play the test sound through both speakers. I don't get why mixing down the stereo to an auxiliary with the UX1 causes only one speaker to work, because surely my computer is mixing the stereo into a single auxilary cable, yet it is still coming out of both speakers.


Hope this makes sense. Is there any work around? Or does a UX1 just always require you to keep a stereo to stereo configuration? And buy speaker hardware which has a stereo input option? 


Cheers everyone.  :D



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Hello there,


Thanks for replying. Please check out the photo I've linked of my set up.


Basically I am using the stereo line outs, a 1/4 inch stereo cable down to a female 1/4 inch, which I have then plugged a 1/4 inch to 1/8 adapter in, and then finally a standard 1/8inch auxilary cable plugged into the speakers input.


Like I mentioned, the audio output is missing information, only the left speaker plays. Anything you notice about my set up that could have caused this?





<img src=""alt="IMG 5291" border="0" />

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Wow amazing, so I've managed to solve my own problem, but sharing for anyone else facing this issue in the future.


Basically, by chance, I found in an old bag of cables a dual 1/4 inch stereo cable down directly to a single 1/8 auxiliary. I've plugged the two 1/4 into my line outs, and the single 1/8th into my speakers, and stereo is working.


I guess that using an adapter between the 1/4 down to 1/8 wasn't cut out for the job of handling stereo information.

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What I cannot see from the pic is if the 2 1/4" to the female, is if the female TRS, chances are it is, especially if the L R labels came with the cable.

I also cannot see if the adapter or aux chord is TRS, if one of them is not, then that is the issue.

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