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Progam A B C D Switchs On Express Pedal Spider Jam

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Here's my thoughts on this (since no one has replied to you in almost a year!). 


When you connect up the  FBV Express pedalboard you access by default only 4 tones (presets) by pressing pedals A to D. 

The Spiderjam has 36 preset tones arranged in banks of 4 (i.e 1A-1D, 2A-2D , 3A-3D..etc_).  The Spiderjam will default to the last user bank that it saw before it was last switched off. So, in short, we have 36 slots that we can overwrite with our favourite presets.


The Spiderjam also has 2 other areas called "artist bank" and "style bank" containing lots (350+) of preset tones - you can't write to these areas but you can mod them and copy them to one of the 36 User bank slots.


To save your favourite sound see page 2.2 "Saving Guitar Tone Presets". There's no point in reproducing the manual here!


Limitations -  So, if you are on stage performing a gig (at Wembley..!), you can set up the pedalboard such that slots User 1A to 1D contains your 4 favourite sounds. However, if you need more sounds then you need to store them in slots 2A to 2D - BUT - you can only access 2A by going to them amp and tweaking it (use the 4 way switch and up arrow, then the wheel to select the desired user bank). The bigger brother to the FBV Express

pedalboard allows you to access the other banks using the bank up/down switches on the pedalboard.

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