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Hd500x + Vetta Ii: Best Way To Interface?


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I'm very keen to get the HD500x, but I currently don't have the cash to do the whole dream rig thing (using the DT50 or L2M). I currently have my Vetta II.. and I'm looking for advice for the best way to interface the two. In particular, the best was to use the HD500X to do all the tones/FX, and the Vetta II to basically just act as a "powered speaker."


My first thought would be to use the "FX Loop" block at the end of the signal chain on the HD500X, and and use the FX Send (100% Mix) FROM the HD500X TO the FX Receive on the Vetta II - more or less bypassing the amp tones and stomp FX on the Vetta II. I figured I would also have to make a patch on the Vetta II that has all the post-FX turned off to do this right.


I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!



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you got the right idea.. you're just making it more complicated than it needs to be...

simply use the regular 1/4" outs of the HD500 into the effects return on the vetta. done.

you don't need to do anything to the vetta... it basically becomes power amp and cab.

the hd500 doesn't need anything special done to it either.

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