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How Can I Fix This?


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I have a bad "View" button on my Pod HD 500. The button doesn't click or make any sound like the other buttons (Save, Enter, or Move). Whenever my pod is turned on it will randomly change menus. (Like the view button is always half way pushed down)


So I cant even use it right now because when I push a footswitch the Pod will be on a random menu causing it to change tones.



Any help would be appreciated.. thanks.

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If the unit is in warranty, get it ready to travel to a repair center. B)


If it's not in warranty, then do the steps below per order of severity... meaning you may make it worse.

1. Blow out around the button with compressed air... you probably have dust/dirt buildup in there.

2. Take the unit apart to get inside and clean the button. Again it's probably dust/dirt. This may take a long time and there may be small components that come loose and a jig may be needed to re-assemble. See YouTube for any dis-assembly vid's*.

3. Use an eye dropper to drip 2 or 3 drops of denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol into/around the button.

3b. Then turn unit upside down (to minimize the alcohol running down further into other components) and press button multiple times and rock it while pressing.

3c. The purer the alcohol the less likely (very unlikely) any short-circuit will happen. The alcohol may not be good for the display so keep it away from that.

4. Spray an electronic contact (Cramolin is a good one) into/around button and press button multiple times and rock it while pressing.

5. If you skipped step 2 above, then now is the time to do it cuz it's probably your last resort.... "*Take the unit apart to get inside and clean the button".

6. It's possible the button is broken and you'll have to get it repaired via a service center (or see YouTube).

6a. It's also possible a plastic guide piece broke or popped out of position. :wacko:


Hope this helps

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Yeah dust is a likely culprit. I recommend compressed air in a can or a vacuum cleaner attachment to get dust and dirt from outta there. It only takes a bit of dirt under it to prevent these types from working.

Ideally do this first and then the contact cleaner etc as scotty says.

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