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Mesa Boogie Triple Crown


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Hey guys, I know there is a plethora of threads about 4CM on here, but my question is amp-specific. I plan on buying a Mesa Boogie Triple Crown TC-50, and I'd like to run it into the helix.


It's not really going to be 4CM the way I want to do it, because I'm going to go

Guitar > helix input > pre-amp fx > send 1 instrument level into TC-50 > TC-50 line out into Helix return 2 at line level > IR, followed by any other fx > out to studio monitors or L3M.


I dont usually put fx between the amp and cab, which is why I'm running it without the amp's fx loop.


So long story short, I'd like to know if anyone has come across any ground loop issues, or unbearable noise floor levels, running the TC-50 this way? And if I come across a ground issue, what is a decent solution box that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, and where in the chain would I place it?

Sorry for the long explanation, but thanks in advance!


Oh and in case you don't know the Triple Crown, it has a built in load box with an unaffected line out, which is why i will be running it this way.


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I run the helix 4cm and have gone to the front of the amp as well. I do this with a PRS Custom 50 and a Road King Series 1; and, have a tc50 getting delivered today!!

In every situation there is terrible hum, buzz, noise, etc.

I solved this with an ebtech hum eliminator.

I just pop that between the send on the helix and the input on the amp.

How are you liking the helix with the tc50?

Notice any tone suck?

What are you using as a basic 4cm template (If not the provided template)?

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I used Helix 4CM to a Mesa JP-2C.   I had noise in certain places (drummers house) and not others.   I was able to reduce it by getting a furman power conditioner and plugging everything into it, I ran a power extension chord from the furman to my helix in a snake with the rest of the cables (3 instrument cables and 1 midi cable).   Seemed to help quite a bit.


The other thing I did was to slowly build my patch.  Starting with a simple noise gate, wah and overdrive to dial in the front end.   Then slowly adding to the FX loop.  Not only did it help get my gain levels proper, but it also helped me build a usable patch.  Once that was done, then I started building my snapshots to change channels and effects, keeping my initial snapshot as a blueprint.


Now I'm all Helix with two stagesource l3t's - but I got the itch to get an amp again after playing through a used single rectifier my local village music store just got in.   There is something powerful about the simplicity of guitar --- chord --- amp -- cabinet.

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