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FBV Shortboard MKII spontaneously stopped functioning correctly

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So, I ran into a problem today while using my MKII with my Amplifi 150. Now, I'll admit that letting the amp stay on for multiple hours consecutively was not a great idea in the first place, though I wouldn't know if it is or isn't.

Anyways, so throughout the day, the pedal worked nice, fine, and dandy. Then, just out of nowhere, it's like the Shortboard just sorta "froze". I couldn't switch to a different tone, add/remove effects, etc.

My first thought was to unplug the chord and plug it back in.

Well, usually the screen displays "FBV Shortboard MKII" then displays the tone that is in place of 01A within the amp.

This time it just got stuck at "FBV Shortboard MKII" and nothing else.

If anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it.

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