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So here's the story so far: I've had a 89 for a year now and few months ago I couldn't use the modeling sounds because pushing the modeling knob didn't activate the modeling mode anymore. Naturally I returned the guitar back to my dealer and got it back today and it worked for an hour or so but now it's dead again.


I checked the information on what they had done and it said they had only reattached the knob. So long story short, how do I reattach the damn thing? or do I send the guitar back again?

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Ok, I figured out that you can just pull them off but now I can see that the plastic part of the knob that goes inside is broken. The guys that "repaired" the guitar that came across 3 countries didn't bother to replace the thing? Unbelievable.. Any suggestions on how to fix this thing?

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the paper fix here is in regards to a variax and not a pod.


Hi, i bought a line 6 hd500x recently and experienced this problem where the knob goes down and i have to pull it up everytime i need to make it work. Can anybody please upload a picture or video of the paper fix?

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