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Problem With My Sv112

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I noticed some kind of strange sound today on my amp .(i am an electronic & sound engeneer). I found that my pre amp 12ax7  had a problem so I changed it with a new one. But the sound that is something like "there is a soft rain outside" can be a bit changed by the master and presence knobs all the others maybe turned to 0 it goes on! Also the blue "power on" light does NOT light imediately but after 2(almost) seconds after i turn the amp on!!!Maybe a problem in the power supply.I contacted the support for the schematics but the answer was that they have no schematics and i must go to an authorised service that as i am out of Garantee will cost me a lot! Does anybody ever had such a problem and knows anything about it???Or anybody knows how can i find the shematics??

In the attached MOV02688 you can hear the switch and see the display light imidiately but the blue indicator is delayed!!! In the other video listen to this kind of sound produced



Sv112 strange sound.mpg

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