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MKII Shortboard for Wah-Mission EP1 for Volume

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Hello all,


I have an MKII shortboard that I'm trying to use the expression pedal for wah. Also, I have a Mission Engineering EP1-L6 expression pedal I want to use for volume.


In HD Edit the shortboard wah pedal has an FS ASSIGN of EXP TOE SWITCH and the controller is EXP-1. The Mission pedal has an FS ASSIGN of NONE and the controller is EXP-2.


The Mission pedal keeps randomly disconnecting from the MKII (and HD Edit). I can plug it into the MKII and both the red wah and green volume led lights are lit indicating the mission pedal is connected, but as soon as I step on the wah the Mission pedal disconnects. It has disconnected from just rocking the wah.


I made sure I saved the preset. I don't know what else it could be, I'm hoping I just have the settings wrong. 


Going bonkers here, any help will be greatly appreciated.


Edit: I'm connecting to a POD HD PRO X. (Flash Firmware 2.62, USB FW 1.04)

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Update - I can use the MKII and Mission pedal without any issues connected to my POD HD bean. The Flash Firmware for the Bean is 2.62, USB FW is 1.04.


I reset my PRO X by holding down the left Nav. arrow while powering on, I have Input 1/Channel A panned center and Input source 2 mic. I recalibrated the MKII and the mission pedal still disconnects.



Do I need to assign the mission pedal settings in the MIDI assign section under controllers in HD Edit? Is the Issue with the PRO X being defective? 


Again, any help would be much appreciated

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