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I have not been able to try this new version out but I am excited and have done lots of reading.


The follow stage is only on the ipad app. When it is engaged, and then you press a stage icon on the M20D hardware, the fader is automatically selected on the ipad. So, it kind of does what it says if you think of it that way. Select stage icon on the M20D hardware, and the ipad "follows" by automatically highlighting the corresponding fader on the ipad app.


When the FX center button is selected, you get the global fx screen. There you can control the amount of effect going to the mains, or monitor a, b, c, or d. You would have to go to the input you want and adjust the amount on each input in the "tweak" screen of that input. The global page will increase or decrese the selected effect, but, as the name implies, it will be global.


I hope that helps. As I said, I don't have my hands on the new version. I have installed the app on my ipad, but no good until I get back to my board tomorrow!

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The follow stage button works like this:


When "Follow Stage" is pressed on the iPad you can select stage icons on the M20d unit and the faders on the iPad will show up as selected. This way you do not have to page scroll and you find the channel much easier from the stage.


The fx tab in fader view shows the global effect returns (masters.) These faders control the amount of an effect in the mains or in the monitors.

Basically, you can send a signal from any channel to one of the 4 global effects. The master level of these fx would be usually at zero. You can still turn these up or down. One example would be a break where you want to make sure that all fx are off because someone is talking. Of course assigning a group to the fx returns works as well.

Another advantage of having the fx returns in direct access is that now selecting an fx return and pressing the Tweak button brings you straight to the Tweak page.

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Glad to see my response agrees with yours. For the most part, but part of your answer poses a question. You say that when you send a signal from a channel to a global effect, the master level for that effect is at zero usually. I just want to be clear that at "zero", no effect will be heard correct? You would need the master fx returns to be greater than zero? Zero is off/no effect. No matter how high the signal from the input channel.

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