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Wanted - Variax VDI Jack Socket

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Hi Everyone,


Does anyone have or know where I can get a Variax 700 VDI Jack Socket.


Its for my Variax Acoustic which has the original socket that has a soft plastic grommet which pushes on. I want the one with the spring loaded cap. If anyone knows where I might get one please let me know, thanks


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I don't know if any of the spring-cap parts are compatible with the V700 Acoustic. I do know that each of the JTV series has their own specific jack socket, none of which seem to match your photo (other wires/assembly in addition to the ground wire). Are any of them compatible with the V700? Not sure.



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Thanks for the reply Silverhead. I'm assuming that all the original Variax's had the same jack plate. My 2004 Variax Electric had the first type which had a rubber bung which pushed on to the VDI socket. I needed a new one going back some time and Line 6 sent me a replacement but it had the spring clip design. It was unplug the old and replug the new and it was good to go.


fullcompass.com in the US have the type I want in stock, however they don't ship to the UK. I emailed them and they just wont.


My next hope is that I contact Line 6 (as it is their part and it does exist) and fullcompass have said the reason they wont ship outside the US is to protect their suppliers (Line6) Here's part of their reply to me "These restrictions are primarily driven by the agreements we have in place with our suppliers as to where we can sell their product. Apologies for any inconvenience."


Thanks again



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Yeah, I know that the JTV's are different to the original Variax. I think that all the originals were the same as each other though and by that I mean the 500, 700 and 700 acoustic. The original jack assembly was the rubber bung type and they changed it to the spring cap type somewhere along the way, but before the JTV's were around. As I've stated above, I fitted one to my Variax 700 with success.

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Just to add...... It would be great if someone from Line 6 can confirm if what I'm thinking is correct. Ie. the Jack plate assembly from the 500 or 700 electric (with the spring cap) is compatible with The Variax 700 Acoustic.


Please and thank you

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Click on the product and it's there with the price and availability info.


Cable length, ground lead length, curvature of the plate matching the

curvature of the body of the guitar,.... number of things to consider.

Which is why getting the correct match is important.


When it comes to substitutions, don't do it unless,... you are really, really

good at this, and know and have lots and lots of experience with these products.


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That is good advice and of course I wont do it without being sure. I'm talking to FullCompass right now and they have 16 in stock. Unfortunately there are two obstacles. Firstly, will the part they state is for the Variax Bass / 600 and 700 fit into the 700 Acoustic??? and secondly they wont deliver to the UK even though have 16. They have told me that Line 6 have said "Under no circumstances"


I've just had a further chat with someone at Fullcompass and said the Variax 700 Acoustic jack plate assembly has been discontinued and the one they have is not compatible. If that's the case its a dead end, unless there is one anywhere in a Line6 draw somewhere.


The alternative would be to buy another whole guitar but I just paid £400 GBP for mine so that's not feasible. And anyway they're too rare here. They get snapped up quickly.


Thankfully I don't need to replace the socket - I just wanted to upgrade from the older type to the slightly more up to date spring load cap type, because I did it with my Electric.


Once again it raises the question, what are people going to do with their Variaxes when they stop working and cant get the parts. Very expensive cricket bat !!!

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Since you're in the UK, you might want to give Mark Wright Music a ring.

See if there's some he can source from somewhere. I'll check for cannibals here.


The 700 and 700 Acoustic were at the latter end of their phasing out when I came

on here almost ten years ago. So it's been going thru whatever parts are left.


Have a set of cricket pitches here in the San Fernando Valley, quite the ex-pat

community, so I've been learning about cricket. We'll have to strike up a pick-up

game next time I'm across The Pond. Love to try out what I've learned. Go Chelsea.


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