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Wishes for thé next Update


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Hello everybody

I'm a brandnew owner Of an Helix. I leave in France so sorry for my english.

I really love my Helix, i can't live without.

But for the next Update i'd love to have :

1- On The main screen, a switchable in/out and GR level meter.

2- Still on The main screen, the bpm with a faster way to change it manually.

3- if possible a better chorus.

4- An acoustic simulator

5- An autowha

6- An eq block like the global EQ with the same display


What about you ?

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2. If you have the capacitive touch enabled (it is by default) you can touch the TAP switch and it will quickly bring up the settings for this.


5. May not be exactly what you're looking for, but there are several autowahs: mutant filter, mystery filter, and autofilter.


4. You might get close by using an IR. Here's some info that could be useful: http://line6.com/support/topic/16054-where-to-get-acoustic-irs/?hl=taylor+guitar&do=findComment&comment=118202


6. You're probably already aware, but the parametric EQ is the same as the global EQ. Not sure what you mean about having the same display though. Possibly referring to the graphical representation in the editor?

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