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Firehawk fx

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I think the amp models are great. But I also think the effects don't standout much.

Pitch and Harmonizer effects are almost useless without a separate 'dry' and 'wet' adjustment.

A lot of people seem to complain about the bluetooth syncing up but I don't have that issue.

Chorus and flanging effects are just so so.

The amp models work well when direct recording via usb.


I think it would be better to have a more comprehensive editing capability available directly on the unit without using a device.


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I own both a Firehawk FX and HD 500X: I'd be hard pressed to get rid of one in favour of the other. In short, the Firehawk is a keeper.


The bluetooth connect is a charm to use. My experience says it works best with ios. Pairing with my iPad is almost instantaneous, and syncing the remote app with my Firehawk just takes a few seconds. The app's intuitive visual interface makes choosing and tweaking amps/cabs and effects quick n easy. With a bit of experimenting, tones can be tweaked to the point of excellence. Of course any opinion about tone will be subjective, but for the price the Firehawk is damn good... as many here will attest.


Note : You can also edit and save effects directly on the Firehawk using the Live Edit Mode (no BT app needed). To see how, check out the Firehawk FX manual at: Support > Technical Support > Manuals.

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