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Good Monitor For Pod Hd500x And Vocals




I have been having a couple of problems feeling "connected" to my sound, one is the pod sounding "thin" according to some musician listeners, and the other is, i think, my lack of monitoring.


I have a decent PA system with JBL speakers (decent for me) - but I don't use monitors. My drummer took the only monitor we have, and I can't always share it with him.


I have broken strings quite often, and I am wondering if this is, in any way, related to my lack of monitoring - maybe im playing harder due to the fact that I can't hear myself.


I am thinking of getting a small monitor and putting it in front of me.


Behringer has some decent ones for cheap - and I don't mind relying on behringer, I have a bunch of behringer equipment at home which works great.


but are there any suggestions as to monitors which would sound great for my guitars and vocals?

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I pull from the headphone jack on the HD500. Doesn't give me a mix, but it lets me hear the HD500

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