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Still a TINY bit of latency with UX1


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Hi guys, loving Helix Native so far but wondering if there are any tips to reduce latency further.


I am running it on a track in Reaper, I have reduced my buffer size to 128 in the Line 6 device control panel.


This has considerably reduced latency with record monitoring turned on the track but I still can feel the smallest bit of it and would love to be able to get rid of that,


I did see another post saying to "optimize your OS for audio production" is this a checkbox somewhere or is it tweaking various settings, if someone could elaborate I would appreciate it.


I also have an HD 500 I was going to try to see if this would help with latency at all but figured I would check for any tips here as the UX setup is always just ready to go.


I am running an i7 7700k, 16GB so I do not think CPU power is the issue. 


I appreciate any help!.

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