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Pcoket Pod suitable for acoustic?

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I play nylon string electric-acoustic Flamenco guitar (TC-136SC special order, Palathetic pickup, CTP2 preamp), which gives me a gorgeous sound directly out of the guitar (no piezo compensation necessary, so "acoustic" processors are unnecessary.)


Recently (kicking and screaming against my will) I gave up on Windows phone as a mobile music solution and purchased an iPhone 6s, which totally changed my life. I found that the Tube Preamp model in the Line 6 Mobile Pod app really works well into an FRFR amp (or the Aux In of most current guitar amps.


With that in mind, I just ordered a Pocket Pod and an iLoud amp from Sweetwater (all reviews of the iLoud I've read say that the iLoud is studio reference FRFR an is, uh, iLOUD...)  So using the phone out of the Pocket Pod should give me the sound I am hoping for into the 1/8" jack with a trs cable, and I can play backing tracks vis Bluetooth as well.


(Of course, Mobile Pod will also play backing tracks if I want to connect the iPhone directly with the trrrs cable, in which case I could conceivably use Bluetooth for voice if the latency is acceptable, so the system is potentially very versatile..)


I had owned a Pocket Pod before, but at the time there were very few FRFR amps available except for expensive (and not portable on the luggage rack of my motorcycle).  I am hopeful that the new configuration will work; if not, I can always return it to Sweetwater.  If you remind me, I will report back   :)

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