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TC Electronics Mimiq


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Hi Ralph – There’s another thread where someone went into some detail on how he does this you might want to find.  Here’s my experience, which is of course, subjective.


I mimic the Mimiq using two different methods.  First is the dual amp and path method with a pitch shifter (see the pic).  Per a friend of mine from this forum, I pan it R and L at 75 and that works well.  The downside to this approach is you run out of DSP fairly quickly.  This works best for me if both paths are identical, except one has the pitch effect.


Second, I use a dual delay (see the pic).  This sounds really similar to the dual path approach, but it is different.  The up side is it doesn’t require dual paths so you have a lot more DSP.


When it comes to jamming and laying down early tracks (that I prob won’t keep), these sound great for a big sound.


Because of the return policy, I recently decided to buy the Mimiq and see if it was worth having.  I wanted to love it – but I sent it back after some experimenting.  I’m sure others will disagree since this is really a matter of taste, but I compared the Mimiq using it’s options to the two methods above by recording the same guitar part in my DAW and comparing the effect.  I had a friend weigh in this too without knowing which technique he was hearing.


While I would concede the Mimiq is slightly different than the Helix approaches above, it’s not better for my purposes, which is all studio (my house) playing and recording.  In my experience (50 years) when recording, nothing beats playing the part or variations of the part on different guitars with different settings and panning them to get that big guitar sound.  The Mimiq doesn’t mimc that better than the two approaches I mentioned here.  And the best part about using the Helix to mimic the Mimiq is that you don’t need one more pedal and more cables!


Let me know what you think!  I can also send you these presets if that would help.





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I have a Mimiq pedal that I put in the loop of the Helix at the very end of the chain only before reverb.  It does a good job of giving a fuller sound and making the guitar sound in stereo.  I'm the only guitar player in my band (hard rock cover band) so I feel it's a little more 3D experience this way.  I only plug into the effected side of the Mimiq and keep the dry side untouched.


What I was doing before I had the mimiq was to use a Simple Pitch block last in the chain before the reverb with it's own path panned to the right 100% and a dry signal on the left panned 100%.  The Interval is zero, cents at -6.9, Delay at 20ms, shift level at 10.0, Mix 100%, Level +5.0dB.  The right (effected) side will sound a little warbly like a chorus but with the dry side it give a great stereo sound.  This is very close to what EVH achieved on the albums 5150, OU812, and F.U.C.K.  


I really only prefer the Mimiq by about 20% and it doesn't use any DSP on Helix so that's a bonus too.  You can mess around with the cents and delay time a little and see what you like.


Here is a recent video I did comparing the sounds.  I was running both side of the Mimiq at this time but the effect is the same.

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Hello DarthHollis , could you please explain detailed signal path with the mimiq ? You take two line cables from the stereo mimiq output into the helix sends ? Return ?  And then you create a stereo patch into the helix virtual signal chain with double speaker out right ? Thanks  very much! 

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