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Recording backing tracks from mini disc to sd card

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Simplest solution is Minidisk player into M20d Aux Input without doing any conversion and just play it. Or copy to phone/iPad/mp3 player/comuter adn do the same.


More complex is to copy tracks as mp3 to the SD card and setup a playlist. Having done this you have limited control over start/stop and next track using the footswitches. It works fine if the tracks are set up in the required set order and are always played in full.


Very complex - and only worthwhile if you need the ability to mute or control the level of individual tracks - is to create a set-up for each individual instrument and record a few seconds of nothing then replace the individual tracks with stems in a folder with each track named "N_channel.wav" where N is the input number and channel is the name on the mixer. This will allow you mix and mute the tracks along with real inputs, but offers no real control across songs. It is very useful for one or two person missing rehearsals as their previously recorded parts can be played along with the live parts.

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