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Testing Native in a full band mix.. Wall of sound achieved!


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Hi guys,


I installed Helix Native and I am very impressed!

I had to make a metal video to see how well this plugin performs in a full band mix and I am VERY impressed.
You just can't beat the functionality of this plugin.
The fact that you can keep tweaking your Helix settings right until the very end without re-amping is a huge benefit.
Not that it needs a lot of tweaking because it already sounds very good with minor tweaking.

I'm using an Emperor 4x12 IR for the upcoming Heavy Hitters Collection by OwnHammer.
The release of this amazing pack is coming very soon so stay tuned for that.
I love this Emperor cab for huge rock and metal tones, it just sounds great.
I'm using the C65 speaker option.
I believe that's the stock speaker that came in this cab.

Hope you enjoy:

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