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My 4cm (4 Cable Method) Video

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Hello everyone,


Here is a video I did of me explaining the 4CM.  I am planning a follow up video to answer all the questions that are sure to follow.  I will also be doing a follow up video on how to use the MIDI on the 5150 III with the POD HD 500.



Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, and questions.


I don't claim to be an expert in any way.  I'm just sharing my 25+ years of experience in hopes of helping people.

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I have owned my POD HD500 for two years.  The first year I kept it in my studio.  The second year I’ve been using it live via the 4C Method. I have been following the plans laid out by jimsreynolds.
It works, but I wish I could say I’ve been happy with it.
There seem to be at least three or four alternate methods.  I note that the only globally agreeable instance seems to be setting input source 2 to Variax.
Is it ever possible for one sure and decent method?
I see some people setting the Guitar in impedance to 3.5m Ohm, NOT using the Studio EQ, putting the FX loop after the Mixer, and compensation the volume drop by using the Mixer NOT muting the “B†Channel.  I getting ready to give this method via optimus_7 a try.

And I found someone else boosting the FX return.

Have we all ever agreed on one method?
I’m getting a second HD500(X) fro the studio, so I have one back at home.  Or should I just get a Digitech RP1000 which has none of these issues.
I’d like to read some comments.
I know there’s no wrong way, as long as it works for the individual.
That’s a reply I won’t need.

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