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2 yr warranty US Only ?

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Well, I read the original post about US owners of a Helix getting an extra year Warranty and tbh, it annoys the hell out of me, ALL Purchasers of a Helix should have a 2 year Warranty imho and indeed whilst we are still in the EU, us Brits are entitled to a 2 yr Guarantee.




Care to comment Line 6 ?


I have bought many of your products going back to the original Kidney Bean Pod and now have the Helix Rack and Native, btw the Rack failed within 9 days, now resolved thanks to PMT. I think there should be an equal playing field here

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Thats the point of my post, a lot of customers have no idea s to their Consumer rights but to announce that US Customers are "seen" to get a better deal than the UK ones smacks of bad PR imho.


No good deed goes unpunished, I guess...


Line 6 simply doesn't control the warranty policy in the other countries that the Helix is sold in... I think part of it is probably that Line 6 signed distribution contracts with the different entities that handle distribution in those places, and those contracts probably had terms covering the warranty period. So Line 6 can't really just go back to all those people and say, "we're changing those terms".


In reality, much of world already has stricter regulations governing warranties than the US, so it probably is a moot point in most cases.

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