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Firehawk FX and Shuriken Variax


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Hi! I'm new to all this and recently got a Shuriken Variax and a Firehawk FX (no, I didn't go for the Helix as my bank account didn't allow it). ;)


I have a couple of questions around the full functionality of the Firehawk utilising the Shuriken via VDI.


1. Is there a way to specifically control the individual string settings (other than the tuning)? e.g. volume levels of each string? The reason I ask this is that some of the default pre-sets I go to seem to only have the specific strings enabled. For example, on the "01C. American Clean" patch:

- <position> = <String enabled>

- Position 1 = Only top E string
- Position 2 = All strings ok
- Position 3 = E B G D A not working but bottom E working
- Position 4 = Bottom E and A ok rest seems soft 
- Position 5 = All ok but soft when compared to position 2
2. Somewhat relates to 1 but via the Firehawk iOS app, when in Variax mode, it only looks like you can control the tuning on each string. Any way of configuring each string settings or do I need to go into the Workbench?
Pretty sure I'll have more questions depending on the responses I get! Look forward to it and thanks in advance!
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ok thanks - so after more playing last night, I figured out something weird where the Firehawk mapping of the models vary on from the Shuriken. eg when you select Spank, it seems to map to Model "Semi 1".

Is this a known issue and is there a way to fix it?
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I just got my Firehawk yesterday, planning to use with my Shuriken. I will see if the same thing happens.

But, I expect since Spank position 1 is Bank #7 position 1 on the Shuriken, and Bank #7 position 1 of other JTV's is Semi position 1, that it's just using the bank#/position# mapping.

Using the pilot guide for both JTV & Shuriken we could probably define the mapping.

Will let you know if I find anything different.

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