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Stereo or w/D/w with 2 FrFr speakers...?


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Hi all,


Looking for some advise on the setup I could run...


I have the Helix and 2 FrFr speakers. Currently, I run a pseudo-W/D/W setup as follows:


- Path 1a has all the pre-amp effects

- After the cab/IR block, the chain splits:
     + 1a has 50% of the signal going to center XLR as the dry signal

     + 1b has 50% of the signal going to path 2


- Path 2 has all the wet FX set to 100% mix (all stereo)

- Output to the XLR outs to provide a wet FX stereo effect


Would you say this would be a better approach as opposed to a 'standard' stereo setup with no dry output? What would be the main benefits of each? Just curious to get people's thoughts and opinions on it all :)


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All just on-stage sound with the speakers behind me.

I would say WDW and not stereo considering the two speakers are directly behind you. You would be the only one getting the stereo effect anyway. WDW offers the flexibility of blending in the wet and maintaining articulation in the dry. JMO

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I only play at home so I have no FOH opinion...but w/d/w sounds amazing to me. I'm using a Marshall via 1/4 out all dry...and xlr out to 2 Laney IRT-X's for a blend able wet. Path 1 is dry to 1/4 inch...split at the end to path 2 with stereo effects and cab block..and out to xlr. So many routing options I get a headache!!

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