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Identify effect from POD HD300


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I used to own the Pod HD300, and before i sold it i recorded a song with an effect from that pedal. Since then i have bought the Amplifi 150.

I am trying to find that effect again, either as a plug in for pro tools, or as a tone for the Amplifi.

I'm hoping somebody could identify the attached tone. More than that, can anybody make a suggestion on how i can get this tone again without purchasing another HD300?

My notes suggest it may have been bank '13A Twang Gig,' but honestly i wrote that down before i really knew how to use the pedal, so i don't know how accurate that is.

Thanks for any help


Pod HD300 Effect.mp3

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You made the patch. 

Don't you have a clue what you did?

Honestly not really. I recorded the takes several years ago, and then just shelved the song and the effect. At the time, i was just kind of stumbling through using the pedal, without really knowing how to use it properly.

The pedal gathered dust for a year or so after that, and then i sold it and bought the Amplifi. I find the Amplifi much easier to use, so if possible i'd like to use that effect through the Amplifi, or even a plugin for pro tools.

Thanks for the suggestions, i'll experiment with those effects.

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