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Using Native to set same volume on all my Helix Floor patches?


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Seems I saw someone post  about this, maybe on another forum. Is it just a matter of setting all the outputs of each patch to the same level using the meters on Native?

Does input level need to be adjusted as well?


(trying to work my free trial to the max!) 



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Its not clear exactly how to use the Helix Native input level control. The signal path from you guitar to the first block in Helix Native is:

1. The physical gain control on your interface

2. Possibly a software gain control provided by the device driver - this usually is a software version of the physical gain control and interfaces won't have both

3. Gain into Helix Native.


You want to set the gain into your interface to be sure there's never any digital clipping, but keep the level high enough to minimize noise and make sure you're pushing the Helix Native blocks with their expected input.


This is where I think the Helix Native input control comes in. All audio plugins have a sweet spot where their input is being driven at some optimal point for that plugin. This will be somewhere between off or low signal too close to noise, to clipping.


I'm guessing Helix Native will probably like its maximum input to be somewhere near 0 dB. This minimizes the noise, provides the typical level into the blocks, and gives some headroom to avoid digital clipping. On the other hand, if the Helix Native input is in the digital floating point domain, then you don't need to worry about digital clipping and can use the input gain control as a gain boost for weaker pickups, or to provide more drive from your guitar into the following blocks.


Anyone know where the Helix Native input gain is in the signal chain?


Now to your question, if the input gain stays constant, then the output meter should be able to be used to level balance different patches.

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The problem is, those meters don't measure perceived volume as well as using a db meter on a phone or something.


I think the results using a meter are not the way to go. I have tested this using a meter on a mixer connected to Helix's output.


The db Meter worked better.


Also, DO NOT adjust input metering if you are using Helix as the interface and want your patches to sound the same in Native as on Helix.

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