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Costing of helix native plugin


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Who knows! They might eventually.

To launch a hardware then a soft product takes alot of work.

Eventually they might start offering Native on specials from time to time as

it does go with the hardware and for Studios including home and project ones

they will probably sell more hardware units because of Native so it stand to reason that

a reward for the purchase might be seen as an upgrade and to include the Helix hardware with a rebate

back on the software can only help. But it might not be cashback. Possibly a credit on products or a coupon.

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I've wondered this myself...


Personally I bought the hardware first and the vst second, but I have a lot of friends that are engineers first and guitar players second... They are interested in helix as a vst, but for $400 they have plenty of vst modelers that work just fine...

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