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No output from Helix LT (solved only after reset)

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Today I had an alarming problem with my Helix LT: I did not have any guitar sound from the 1/4" jack output, while on the contrary on the same output I had the sound coming from the USB connection (a backing track was playing properly). I tried my old presets, the factory presets, and also built a brand new preset, but I had no sound from my guitar (I mean from the "guitar in" to the "1/4" out left"). I checked the global settings, and I did not see anything different from my usual settings.


There was anyway one strange thing: when I turned on my Helix, it rebuilt all the presets (?!?), and it's something I hadn't seen except when I updated the firmware to 2.21.


Last night before turning off my Helix, I worked on the presets using the PC editor. For the first time, I put in order all the presets and IR in my Helix, to be prepared for my rehearsals in the next week.

So I deleted many presets I did not use (pasting an "empty" new preset in many locations), I loaded the factory 1 & 2 setlists, using the files I saved from Native.

Honestly I am not sure if I tested the Helix if the sound was coming out properly after this work; I think so, but I'm not 100% sure.

Then today, when I turned on the Helix again, it happened what I wrote above   :(


I was really very worried, but since the USB sound was coming out regularly, I suspected that there was something wrong in the data, and not in the hardware.

Luckily, as I wrote, I had also saved my own important presets the night before. So I decided to make a reset, by turning on the Helix while holding footswitch 8+9.

As I already wrote in the title of this thread, the reset solved my problem. The Helix worked properly again, and after turning it off and on again, I did not get that preset "rebuilding" phase.

All's well that ends well, and what's more I was just playing at home this time, but I admit that I'm a little more worried now...

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any time you cut/paste preset locations using the Editor, Helix will "rebuild" those presets. I always make it a habit of cycling power after doing any file/preset management in Helix with the Editor. You experienced first hand what can happen if you don't reboot after doing that. 


The manual doesn't spell that out though. 

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