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M5: Stereo In/ Stereo Out Unexpected Behavior


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If you connect only the Left input, the signal is split to L+R stereo out (since L is the standard mono input). But shouldn't the Right in/out path be separate from the Left in/out path if both ins and both outs are connected?



What I am trying to accomplish is this: a dual amp rig using an ABY to feed the M5 inputs, then the L & R outputs to 2 amps.


GTR---->ABY---->M5----> 2 Amps [A --> Left in; B -->Right in / L out---> Amp 1, R out---> Amp 2]


With both inputs connected, I expected the stereo outs to be 2 independent paths so I can toggle between amps, or blend both via the ABY.


The Problem:
  • I only see that behavior if the patch is turned off, defeating the purpose.
  • It doesn't seem to matter if I send A, B, or A+B to the M5, both outputs active sending signal to both amps.
  • Is this normal behavior, or a bug?
  • Is there an update perhaps where this is possible?

I am using the M5 primarily as a Tube Comp with the EX1 sweep set to playing level (heel) and lead boost (toe), so I could put the ABY after the M5 and run it in mono, but I'd really like to take advantage of the occasional Stereo FX when running dual Amps.


If I can only get the L out to be independent of the R out...I'd be in Tone Heaven.


Any Suggestions?

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Most of the effects on the M5 aren't true stereo, which is what you need to accomplish what you want to do. Most of the effects are either mono, meaning that stereo inputs get summed, and a dual mono (the same signal on both sides) is sent to the L & R outputs; or they're mono in/stereo out. For those types of effects, the left and right inputs are summed, the effect is applied to the summed signal, and the output is stereo - meaning there's some stereo difference between the L & R outputs. Ping Pong Delay is a good example of a mono in/stereo out effect.


There are a few true stereo effects on the M5 that would keep the kind of separation you're looking for, but looking at your diagram, they're not the effects you're wanting to use.


Here's the official listing of how the routing of the effects works:

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That is some valuable info! Thanks for that link, a little bummed, but enlightened! I was actually using Ping Pong delay to troubleshoot the routing - no wonder I was getting confused!


Well, perhaps I can experiment using one of the EQ's in the same manner, instead of the Tube Comp patch. The Volume Pedal is True Stereo as well. As for the occasional Stereo FX, it looks like some of them are still viable to my idea. So I guess it's not the end of the world.


Alright, time to tinker...



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The new HD PODs feature that kind of "dual tone" capabilities, and the stompbox models are the same of the M series. And if you don't mind not being in the latest fashion, the old POD X3 (or X3Live) is also dual tone capable, and you can get a used one for a bargain price. You can still use your M5 on the X3's "loop circuit".

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I got a similar problem with my m5.


In my setup I use two mono ways. One leads to my amp and the other to a DI-box (its an Accoustic Simulator signal).

Both ways loops through the m5, because I use different effects at the two lines.


As you imagine, I got a lot of problems with all the Stereo Thru/Stereo Effects. Unfortunately I can't change the output settings. So the MIDI Controlls are my last hope. But I really have no experiences with MIDI.


Is it possible that the MIDI output of the m5 could control another gear, which set the A respectively B to bypass? Does such reciever exist?


Thanks for any help!

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