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Relay G 10 w/ Spider V 120


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A couple of Relat G 10 newbie questions here.

I just received a replacement for my first G 10. It did not hold a stand by charge very long when all the way depleted.

Sometimes it would take over 24 hours to charge.


Will the unit charge while plugged into the amp if the amp is turned off but plugged in?


How long should it take to charge when fully depleted?


What kind of stand by time and usage time should I expect?


How long should it take to recharge?


Thanks for any help provided.

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This should have probably been posted in the Relay Wireless forum. 


After being fully depleted, mine takes an hour or two to fully charge. 


When the transmitter is in "sleep mode" it will have standby charge time varies. I have left mine in sleep mode for a day or two and it still had some charge left. I generally unplug the transmitter about 1/4" to disengage the micro switch so it is not in sleep mode for long periods of time. If you do that, it will hold a charge for 200 hours or more. I had mine sit for a couple weeks, and still had a charge. 


I am unsure about the Spider questions. I don't have one of those. 

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