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Firmware Update 1.20 Issue With Update

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Same thing happened when I updated to firmware 1.10 when I loaded the firmware it restarted two times and then just sits saying M20 D is starting, now been waiting for over an hour still says it, last time I turned off the system and turned it back on and seemed to work okay. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue I will try and reload the firmware update after I reboot, after reboot the M20D came on went back and ran the update again update went through successfully and completely without having to turn it off.

Wondering if anyone else's same problem

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i am having an issue after i have installed the firmware update.  The update went well... But when i want to restore my settings from my backup, it begins to import the presets and hangs on "vocals/podium"  it has been sitting there for 1/2 hour...  wht should i do?  it says not to turn off power.

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I had a similar thing happen - restoring a backup was hanging with the same message. I cycled the power anyway, and the restoration automatically began from the beginning again. This time it was successful. During the re-installation I was careful not to touch the M20D at all - especially connect/disconnect cables - and not to play any connected instruments.

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