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L3M Damaged in Shipping - can it be fixed?

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I got these 2 in a local/private sale shipped to me by FedEx. FedEx dinged them up during shipping - I know this because the original photos shown them immaculate. Can this be opened up and potentially popped back out to make it somewhat appear normal?


The screws holding the chasis together don't look like normal ones? Anyone have any info on these




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Once it's bent, it's hard to get it back again. It may or may not need a new grille, those don't bend back

well. It's less about looks and more about how it will perform. You don't just open these up and do stuff

to it. Need the right tools and torques for this one.


There are gaskets and grommets that have to be correctly placed when you close it up, or the seal won't work.

And that leads to acoustic distortions from air leaks (air distortions) rattling or other related vibrations.

Needs to go to an authorized service center that knows the product. Someone will respond to your ticket.


File a claim with them for the cost of repair.

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