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M20d Slow Screen Performance When Recording And Simultanious Audio Playback

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When i start the sdcard recording , the the reaction time of the m20d screen is getting very slow.

During recording I also playback audio from the sdcard.

That means when want to use e. g. the faders, the m20d needs some time to react.
When i stop recording or stop audio playback, then everything is ok.

My sdcard is class 10.


That means simultanious sdcard recording and sdcard audio playback slows down the M20d

screen refreshrate.

You can see the effect, when you watch the recording time counter in der record menu. 

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Try reloading the 1.20 update, it may not hurt to go ahead and download a fresh copy of it for doing that. mine sometimes seems a little slow to react to my touches on the screen I got a touch pen and that seems to work a little better but I have left the original screen cover on which could be my problem but I didn't want to take it off until I got a screen protector for it.

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I use the latest 1.2 Firmware. I use a sandisk extreme sdxc 64GB class 10 45MB/s


I made several tests and I think that I have noticed the reason for the slow screen reaction of the M20d.


First of all. the ipad mixer app does not have this slow down problem !!!


my test result: simultanious sdcard recording and an active sdcard mediaplayer slows down the M20d screen reaction 

You can see the effect when you look at the the recording clock in the record menu


my test result:

When I stop the sdcard mediaplayer instead of muting it, then the problem during recording seems to be gone.


Could anybody test this behaviour ?



Thank you.

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I wouldn't have thought that was possible either. Could explain why it is slow though. That is a bit to ask for.


I just assumed it wasn't possible so when I set mine up I put my backing track on a USB stick, and my recording goes to the SD card. Maybe try that. And I have the wireless function too with a USB hub. So my wireless and media both go into the M20D USB port. Works well.

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I use the airport express set up. It comes with a sort of USB splitter. So you plug the USB-Ethernet adapter into the USB port on the M20D, and then the USB stick plugs into a littler "dongle" off of that. So it is a USB hub...sort of, but I don't think one that you would find. But I have read in other posts that USB hubs work, but best to get a powered one.

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Not sure if this is of any importance with the slowed response time, but you noted that you are using a 64 GB card.  It appears to me that the max is 32 GB.


From a page that lists compatibility of SD cards


"The following SD cards are compatible with the M20D:

  • Any class 10 SD card is compatible with the M20D. Only class 10 SD cards formatted as FAT32 are compatible.
  • 32 GB maximum SD storage space"
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Thank you for your answer!

I made several test with different sdcards (32GB FAT32 class 10). The slow performance on the M20d screen remains.


Now I'm pretty sure, that the reason for the slow performance is playing mp3 files from sdcard and simultanious recording on the same sdcard.

Maybe a data bandwidth problem of the sdcard!


I will test a new usb to ethernet adapter with an usb hub. Here I want to use an separate usb stick for playing back the mp3 files.

Maybe this will solve the sdcard performance problem.

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How about using the Apple Airport Express and streaming the backing tracks from your iPad to the Airport Express, then into the M20d via 1/8 to 1/8 stereo patch cable?  This would free the M20d from having to deal with the backing track altogether, except as a stereo input.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I tried the Moshi ethernet adapter with a separate usb stick, but I still notice the low performance problem at the M20d screen during the playback of mediaplayer audiofiles from the usb-stick.

My workaround is to stop the mediaplayer, when our show begins.

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  • 3 weeks later...

At our last gig i noticed again the slow performance at the M20d desk during recording the show.

It's hard to make sound adjustments. This is very anoying.

But strange: the performance on the iPad was without a problem. Here it was no problem to make sound adjustments with the faders.


Could anybody confirm this Problem ?

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