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need some insight--podHD500X


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hey all, i've had my hd500x fot about 3 months now and im finally starting to get it. i work 50+ hrs a week so it's hard to find enough time to really dig into its dark depths. i use either my jem77p or my sg custom with EMG's with sennheiser HD280 pro's (64 ohm impedance) and i feel like the tone clarity still isnt there. before everyone says run it 4CM to a PA or stack, i can't.


with that said, my tones seem to always be off on one end or the other (high's/low's) i cant get a good mixture. i play mainly high gain rock tones like Judas priest, megadeth etc. and metal tones with scooped mids in drop C/B.


do i need higher impedance headphones?


and can any one share some tones or videos that use headphones to developed tones such as the ones i use? i always hear these AMAZING tones that are direct out to a DAW but i cant reproduce them. i used to be a tube amp guy using different pedals. i thought this would be better but now im soo confused. i can make some decent tones but nothing amazing. and i know those tones i hear are mixed after recording but i cant even get close.



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If you are tinkering with the JCM800 and most of the other high gainers, try turning down the Master DEP control to about 10%...Additionally, turn the RES LVL in the cab DEPs to 0%...I don't know about you, but I never ran a real JCM 800 with the Master dimed...And that is the primary reason that model default sounds like a$$ IMO...RES LVL to 0% works pretty nicely to get out the fizz...The Master DEP and RES LVL are probably the most key DEPs to getting a higher gain tone focused IMO.

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