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1.30 is WORSE than 1.20 Firmware


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Same here.  Worse delay between patches, sometimes it hangs for a few (long) seconds and then "resumes" all the commands I hit on the pedalboard (like everything goes on a buffer, waits for a few seconds, then all commands are sent to the unit...)


The whole unit also crashes very often (at least once per usage).  Everything turns offs (also sound), with the exception of 2 red leds on the pedalboard (I guess this is the "sorry i'm crashed" error led code...).  I have to restart the unit (without headphones, because the unit resets at full volume for a very short period of time before going back to normal volume --> high risk of ear damage).


I thought the latest firmware would fix the small gap between delay, but no, it's worse and introduces new issues.

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I realize they are not updating anymore but I at least wish they would fix what they messed up. And I want more HD models! That is why I went from the Ampli FX100 to the Firehawk FX in the first place. I was perfectly happy with the Amplifi FX100! Well sorta...

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