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G70 - TX do not connect to RX

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Got my G70 on Friday and have tried to get it to work yesterday, but not so lucky...

The Receiver do not see the Transmitter. Can't find out why. If both units are on the same channel they should find each other, right? What am I missing?

  • Tried the receiver and it works wired. Aux --> Out A and B works great. Hasn't tried Out C. So my conclusion that the unit works. Don't know about the radio though.
  • Updated the software in the receiver to the latest one. Also reinstalled it, on both Receiver and Transmitter. No trouble at all to connect to my computer and the update went like a breeze. Made a factory default, just in case.
  • Have scan and rescan for best channel. With my home wifi on and off, including killing it on my PC, tab and other equipment in the room.
  • No problem to change channel on the transmitter and the display blinks after a second like it tries to connect. Not one reaction on the Receiver.

Same result - Base unit say "No TX".

Anything else to do to peer the units that I missed....? Reading the manual, it looks easy. Doing it on the unit is even easier, if I'm not missing something.


Any suggestion?

Thanks //Per



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