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Expanding the I/O on Helix Floor

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Can anyone recommend or provide a scenario for expanding yhe I/O on the Helix.

Digital expansion would be best if available.

I'm looking in to setting up my Helix as the "Heart and Brain" of my studio, so that I can consolidate my all of my studio rack gear, external loopers, etc...

Basically, I want to be able to shuffle any output to any input or buss any sound to any input. All synced via Helixes Midi clock.

Anyone here doing this sort of thing? Ideas much appreciated.


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I'm somewhat curious about this myself, as I have this habit of collecting old pieces of rack gear.  I only really know just enough to be dangerous, but currently my plan is to tie it all together with a line level mixer to one stereo FX loop in Helix and handle program change and bypass of individual units via MIDI commands on presets and snapshots. 


As far as MIDI is concerned, I had the issue of too many "dead ends" in my MIDI chain.  I'd found an old MOTU MIDI Timepiece-AV USB at a pawn shop, which I use as a MIDI hub.  Even though the MTPAV will generate any of a number of time control options, I have it slaved to Helix's tempo for the sake of simplicity, and it feeds everything else from there.  I'm under-utilizing its capabilities for sure, but I got the thing for a lot cheaper than I could get any other MIDI through box, so I'm good with it.  Not to mention you have a LOT of flexibility with how the MIDI I/O is handled, which makes routing much less a nightmare.  

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