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line 6 pod hd rack mount direct into an amp...


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I have an POD HD rack mount and I am wondering if it is possible to run this unit direct into a into a Marshall JCM 900 and bypass the effects loop on the amp.  I am wanting to just run it like its a stomp box effects, one in and one out into the amp for ease of use but the effects are harsh when doing this.  I am virtually lazy and dont want to spend lollipop loads of time programming this unit.  Is there some setting I can turn on to run it like this or do I have to run through the effects loop?  What does the average schmo do when he doesnt have an effects loop??

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What does the average schmo do when he doesnt have an effects loop??

He sounds like crap. Many FX don't work well before the amp...delays, reverbs, chorus (on dirty tones anyway), pitch shifters, just to name a few...that's why FX loops exist. I wouldn't pay money for an amp without one.


Distortion boxes, compressors, noise gates, and wah and volume pedals are all OK (and generally preferable) on the front end...

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That's so not true. 


Not that I am average  :lol:

But, I never used a tube amp or an fx loop. And I've done quite well.

I always ran everything in on straight chain. 


Until I bought my Pod. Then I started to run direct to the pa --- which was one of the primary reasons I bought the pod. 






*except when backlined. then all bets are off.

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Yes, he wants to go from HD to Amp input and it sounds harsh.


You can give it ago, the HD has a menu setting to set the type of amp you are

going into, stack, combo etc. Try Direct out too.

There should also be a toggle to set the HD to instrument instead of line. Try this as well.

In your HD use only guitar as input 1 and set other input to variax or aux. This will cut down

too much level and noise.

When you have got it as best as you can you have the global EQ to help remove any offending high end.

You also have a shelf in the output mode of stack and combo and rolling off the high end will

help and lower the focus frequency down to the lower mids.


You should be able to get it sound okay.

Check out 4 cable method as what earlier replies are inferring is you can put your noise gate, overdrives etc in front of your amp's

pre amp and put time based FX like delay and reverb in the return after your amps preamp and before it

hits the power amp. This is the best way to get what you want and more.

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I have a JCM900 and use the PODHD.  Yes you can do this and only use the PODHD FX.  Although you've just spent a lot of money for basically a distortion pedal.  Reverb and Delay will sound like crap this way.


The best way I've found for using my PODHD and JCM900 is to use the Pre Models and turn OFF the cab models and use the Studio Output mode of the PODHD into the FX return of the JCM900.  Then it doesn't take much time to get things sounding good.  Works just like a regular PreAmp and stomp boxes.


The biggest problem with the JCM900 is it's PreAmp.  It doesn't have enough gain and uses clipping diodes.  Don't even try to mod it, it doesn't make much difference - I've done it.  


Here's a link to a high gain tone the way I suggest you try it.



If you have a PODHD500 just rename the file to *.hb5 I believe.  I use the PODHD Desktop.

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