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Firehawk FX Windows 10 Control

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Please, Line 6, give us a Windows app for Firehawk FX control?


Yeah, I'm sure this has been request before, and probably numerous times. Still, I've got to ask.


I've got my old iPad 4th Gen working just fine with the Firehawk, but I opted to purchase a Microsoft Surface instead of getting an iPad Pro. I am more than happy with my decision as the Surface is far less expensive, far more powerful, and it's not an iPad. :)

I only wish there was an app for the Firehawk that works natively in Windows. I've tried the Android emulators, but with little success, certainly nothing that was reliable.



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There are multiple threads related to that subject.

At that point the answer is :

  • no native FX App for windows 10
  • no success in using android emulator (problems with the BT connection)
  • no global update on the FX for 18 months
  • no visibility  and no commitment from line6 on the availability of a W10 app 

If you succeed in using an android emulator, let us know. If not, keep your ipad for the FX App : it does the job.




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