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Channel Switching Mesa Boogie Mark V 35


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You only use the MIDI out from the HELIX to the MIDI in of the MiniAmp Gizmo. You have 128 preset in the MiniAmp Gizmo that you can use. If I can remember, the MiniAmp Gizmo  would receive a MIDI Program Change Command and pick the saved config and switch the Mark V accordingly. The saved config would include the selected Channel, the reverb state  on/off and the boost (if you have that on the 35) state on/off.


The config on the MiniAmp Giszo is easy to do. You press the appropriate buttons corresponding to features you want on the front, activate the write mode on the MiniAmpGizmo, send the MIDI PC by selecting the HELIX patch you want it associated. The MiniAmp Gismo will flash and thats it. 

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I have a Mesa Boogie V 25. I just use the cable that came with the footswitch for the amp and plugged it into the Helix Amp switch jack.  I then use the control center to assign a footswitch to switch amp channels and another one to switch the EQ on and off. Works great for me and requires no extra HW.

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