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Assigning FS's 1-4 for Presets and 5-8 to toggle effects on and off


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I'm having difficulty figuring out how to get the top row of foot switches to display ONLY the stored presets and after selecting a preset, having the bottom row display the effects to toggle on and off.  Basically splitting the foot controller so half displays the presets assigned effects and the other half to display the presets you can choose from.


Thanks in advance!

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There is a setting for presets on one row and stomps on the other. See page 38 of the latest version of the user manual.


Arranging Preset, Snapshot, and Stomp Switches 1. Press and then Knob 6 (Global Settings). 2. Move the joystick to select the Footswitches submenu. Ins/Outs MIDI/Tempo Footswitches Displays Global Settings Preferences EXP Pedals Firmware Version 2.00.0 Stomp Mode Switches Footswitches On 8 Presets 8 Switches Snapshot Mode Switches Auto Return Preset Mode Switches Banks Up/Down Switches Touch Select Footswitches 3. Turn Knob 2 (Preset Mode Switches) to customize the middle eight switches: • 8 Presets—Two banks of presets (the default) • Preset/Stomp—One bank of presets on the top row, switches from stomp mode on the bottom row • Stomp/Preset—Switches from stomp mode on the top row, one bank of presets on the bottom row

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