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String end stuck in guitar.

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Open the back panel and get it out... might be able to shake it out once the cover is off, or you might need to move the main board depending on where it landed. Either way, you can't leave it there as it might short something out if it's touching the wrong thing on the board.

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So I have a JTV-69. I was playing and a string broke, but instead of breaking at the peg, it broke at the end of the string. The end of the string is now stuck in the guitar and I have no idea how to get it out. Help would be appreciated.

Sounds like the string may have snapped at the ball or very close to it. If there isn't enough string to push through as ADBrown suggested, then follow cruisinon2's advice. If for any reason the ball is stuck use small tweezers for the job, and be careful not to touch electrical components. It's obvious but worth saying: make sure your guitar is unplugged, and take the batteries out. Better to be safe than sorry... Only use the chainsaw as a last resort.


BTW welcome aboard.

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