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Well, I purchased the HD METAL PACK so I could finally get that ''5150" sound, and my buddy has the X3 LIVE which came w/ a 'Criminal' preset. Well, I thought they were the same but as I read more into it, that's not the case. The 'Criminal' is an '02 5150II and the Panama is a 5150 block letter.

Is there a way to get both amps on both units?(More-so a way to get the 'Criminal' onto my HD500)


Thanks guys!

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...even if there was the '02 5150II model for the POD HD it would not have been the same of the one into the X3..


different modeling engines give different final sounds for the same amp modeled..


.. however there is no way to have the '02 5150II model into the HD..


that said, it doesn't mean that you can't get excellent results with the HD Panama model

gotcha, thank you.


Oh definitely, I have tones I love w/ the Panama, but who wouldn't want more!  

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