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Recording Quality For Pod Hd400


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hey everyone,


i recently bought a pod hd400 about a year ago (well, i guess not that recently) and when i play music, especially using distorted tones such as "big time lead" to play metal-esque songs through my headphones the sound quality is amazing tight and compact/full.


when i switch the back settings from studio to live, and line to amp and play the pod through my roland cube 15x amp the sound sounds much more different and harsh, but still good enough (first question... why?)


the real question is when i want to do any recordings to my computer with my main objective putting youtube videos up. as i stated before, when i play through my headphones the tone sounds godly and magnificent, but when i hear the playback from either free DAWS "audacity" or "reaper(trial)" connected through USB it sounds so bad its unbearable. very harsh, trebly, as if recorded with a cellphone from the 90's...


Why is this?? Shouldn't i hear back what im hearing through my headphones when playing strictly into them from my pod? And if any of you have put any youtube videos up, im wondering what equipment i must buy (my budget is pretty tight) to get the best sound quality out of this pod. Again, im not looking for anything spectacular or proffesional, but when i see these punk teenage kids putting up covers of songs that the sound quality is Fantastic i cant help but wonder why i cant do the same


Hope to get some replies soon

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I much prefer using Reaper rather than Audacity. Connect your HD400 via usb to your computer, then launch Reaper. In Reaper, configure the Audio settings to use the HD400 and its ASIO driver as the audio device. Use Studio output mode on the HD400. When arming a track in Reaper for recording, select the desired HD400 input source (L, R, or Stereo Mix). Turn Reaper's Record Monitoring function OFF and use the HD400 headphones/outputs to monitor while you are recording.


This presumes you have already downloaded and installed the HD400 driver (different from the firmware).


Try this out and let us know how it goes.





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Hey silverhead, thanks for the quick reply.


I tried using reaper, and the sound quality is much better in comparison to audacity but is still lacking i feel. 

When played back, the track that is recorded sounds a bit too harsh and echo-y and not as compact and tight as id like it...

Could it be my crappy computer speakers?? However when id play a youtube video of a guitar cover the speakers sound just fine.

Again, i'm not looking for something "perfect and studio-like" but is there anyone to tighten it up a bit with some editing?

I've followed all of your suggestions in your post


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Are your speakers connected to your computer or to the HD400 outputs? It should be the latter. If they are connected to your computer and you are hearing the playback from them then your Reaper audio settings are incorrect, and that could certainly explain things. Make sure Reaper is using the HD400 and its ASIO driver (not ASIO4ALL).

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