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helix native, logic pro x, sonic port vx - clean and effected sound in headphones


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Here's my connection setup

  1. Guitar plugged into sonic port vx guitar input
  2. Sonic port plugged in via USB to the macbook pro
  3. Logic Pro X audio preference set to use sonic port vx for input and output
  4. Headphones plugged into sonic port vx headphone out
  5. Helix Native plugin loaded on track, no issues - sounds fantastic!


My only issue is that I'm hearing the effected helix native plugin sound and the clean sound through the headphone jack on the sonic port vx.


If I plug the headphones into the mono out of the sonic port vx, I only hear the effected native plugin sound, albeit in mono.


Is this a setting somewhere that I'm missing, or is this just the way it's supposed to be?


I know I'm probably doing something stupid, I just can't figure out what it is. Any suggestions/advice please?

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I'm going to try some more experiments with different computers and setups this weekend, to see if the clean/effected sound issue is isolated to the Helix Native plugin or not, but so far it appears to be.


I'm starting to think this might be a bug, or some type of incompatibility between the  plugin and the sonic port vx. I know the Line6 dev's don't have a lot of time to read the forums and answer questions, so I will continue to keep "plugging" away at this.;-)


If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on how to troubleshoot or isolate this, I'd really appreciate your input. Thank you.

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